Welcome guests

As always Irie's place is honored to have you all here..

For those of you who have been members with us for the past 2 years are familiar with our history, Beginning with the original .com and then on to the .net and our final resting place on the .org which has proven to be the most reliable host yet. We recently upgraded to our own server granting better speeds as well as video and audio quality.It was a big step but necessary to have a chat that is stable,secure and fast. A chance worth taking in order to move forward and continue to develop this site. We have added a collection web based games along with the poker and are always looking for something new and fun.

January 5th 2017 starts our 3rd year of this,we are not here for any other purpose but fun. We do not expect any outside contributions but your free will offerings are accepted with grace and used solely for website growth and development.Noone is required to pay to have anymore privileges than any other guest whether vip or registered user,you are all the same and all have the same permissions as anyone else. Irie's place from day 1 has a no ban policy as well as not keeping chat or pager logs. We do not intervene in any disagreements between guests,maintaining a completely neutral position on personal issues. Our staff is here to help new comers with adaptation to the site and configuring the software to suit each users individual needs. January 5th marks the start of a new year and we look forward to making this the only place to be for chat,games and good times. We have high hopes for this coming year and would like to see the members list grow at an alarming rate.Remember we as staff are just people who click switches to make things work the way they should. You as guests make the place great and fun and we are glad to have you all here. Contributions are not required but are appreciated, Should you choose to make a free will offering you may do it via the donate link on the home page. it is not mandatory but is appreciated and will be used for the sole purpose of maintaining the site and its assets.So without further adue we encourage you to join us in chat and have some fun.
Glad you all could join us.